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5 Exercises to do at home during Election Day

Elections are upon us and the poor gym goers who don’t want to dent their workout schedule have to suffer from closed gyms and fitness studios leaving them stuck at home cringing in pain. But there are multiple exercises to do at home during election day to keep up with your workout and get a […]


Common Workout Myths

When a person starts working out, he meets so many people who give him a fitness related advice. Sometimes a cousin tells you to stop eating before exercise or sometimes you are told that cardio is the only way to shed some pounds. As the beginner, you take up all the advises and without doing […]


5 Tips to Stay Fit During Ramadan

The Holy month of Ramadan is approaching fast. Soon there will be a smell of delicious parathas in Suhour and crispy pakoras will be served in Iftar. In the presence of so much food, it will become hard to follow your diet plan. Eating lots of oily and fried food will disturb your metabolism as […]


4 High Protein Foods

Protein is one of the healthiest nutrients or body can absorb. It can help build your muscles. It is not only essential for your muscles, it is also important for your bones and hair. Your hair contains a protein named Keratin and deficiency of Keratin can damage your hair. Regular consumption of protein leaves you […]


Carbs You Must Stop Eating

By this time you definitely know what are carbs. In our previous post talked about how low carbs food can not only speed up your metabolism but can also enhance your nutrient absorption in your body. It’s a great idea to add some carbs in your daily routine but there are some carbs you should […]


Best Low-Carbs Food

Carbs or Carbohydrate is a molecule which consists of Carbon, Hydrogen and Oxygen atoms. Food containing lower amount of carbs are considered as unrefined foods. Such foods are essential for our body as they regulate our metabolism. Although, organisms cannot metabolize almost all types of Carbs but unrefined carbs are easy to digest. Many people […]


Healthy Alternatives of Junk Food

We all love junk food. Instead of eating healthy food, youth consumes junk food at least once a week. When people realize that consuming fast food daily is now layered on their stomach they tend to go for strict diets. While following a particular diet plan people forget purpose of this diet isn’t starving yourself […]


Easy Exercises for Beginners

If you are someone who recently started doing workout, then we have got you. If you are just a beginner and looking for tips and tricks for weight loss or muscle gain then here are 4 exercises for you. They can help in shedding few pounds easily. Also they are very effective for belly and […]


Exercises for Flat Tummy

I know you want to shed extra layers of fat on your tummy. I know you want to slip into your favorite dress and flaunt it. It’s hard to shed stubborn belly fat when you just can’t stop eating food responsible for all this bloating, but it’s nearly impossible to get rid of stomach fat […]


5 Things you Must Quit Eating

We all love to eat, don’t we? Whether it’s a movie night or a boring class it’s essential to have some crispy snacks in your bag pack. Instead of eating a proper meal, we prefer a tub of ice cream at dinner but is it doing any good to us? Absolutely no! Is it doing […]


Top 5 weight-loss tips for Pakistanis

The dilemma in Pakistani girls and boys and uncles and aunts is that they really want to lose weight. They want it so bad that they need instant results. They want that when they wake up the other day, 20 pounds should be shed off their waist instantly. Well, all the people who want the […]


5 Ways To Get Bigger Biceps (Workout Tips)

If you think that growing those biceps like Arnold Schwarzenegger is easy, then you are on the wrong. Well it can be easy for the ones who follow the tips by the instructor and get their diet plans right. The grip width The width which you use to exercise on those curls on which you […]


6 Ways to Get Fit For Your Wedding

Well as of now, if it is time to get yourself sacrificed in the bondage of shaadi, don’t worry. We are just kidding. Wedding is a beautiful occasion which lets you meet the other part of your soul. At first we wish you all the best for your wedding and the live ahead. Now let’s […]

whey protein

6 Benefits of Taking Whey Protein

Whey Protein is the most well known and famous supplement among the body builders as they provide great strength and endurance. There are numerous benefits of taking Whey proteins but currently we will discuss the major ones for you to have an idea of its importance.   Source of high Quality protein Whey proteins are […]


4 Best Reasons To Start Working Out Now

Exercise means working out and working out hard. It is time consuming and it involves a lot of things. You will have to bear pains in the first three to five days of exercise and you will seat and smell like goat cheese. But, there are good reasons to exercise. People who workout cannot live […]


6 Practices In Line With Yoga For Beginners (Best Advice + Tips)

You are 5 inches short of touching your toes and wondering how on earth would you even qualify as a beginner yogi? That’s really not what you should be concerned about. Surf through the internet and notice how badly people fail to make the best out of yoga practices initially and still succeed within just […]


How to plan your daily workout for weight loss

Generally, people who are hitting their 20s today have developed a ‘trend’ to join a gym irrespective of a plan. Gym certainly has to offer a lot to an unshaped body of a human but if you really are sparing your time for that, you must have a plan to follow. There are two reasons […]